Sound Foundation for Life

Toddlers are active and curious learners from birth, able to lead their own learning within the context of close and supportive responsive adults. The preschool age is the most impressionable age in one’s life. The rate of development at this stage is more rapid since 50% of a child’s brain develops in the first four years. To aid their development to the fullest, the pedagogy for children is specialised with the following:


No one understands children like we do. We certainly know that the formative years of a child’s life are of utmost importance for development, which is why at Mother’s Pride, our child-centric approach ensures the perfect holistic development at this tender age. We let children ‘Be’ themselves. They are given the freedom to take their own decisions, discover their own areas of interest and dwell smoothly with the learning process!


At Mother’s Pride, we not only believe in imparting education of different concepts but also emphasize on inculcating life skills. The teachers nurture the talents of our tiny tots by giving them the perfect exposure through physical activities, stage programmes, music, dance, art and craft. Through the right exposure, the aim of building confidence and self esteem among students is successfully achieved.


Another major area of focus for laying a sound foundation for students is to ensure development of positive-self concept. The children during all times must know that, ‘I-CAN’ is always more powerful than ‘IQ’. They are nurtured in such a way that they can feel competent to do anything they want independently and adequately. The castle of love indeed ensures the ‘Feel Good and Feel Smart’ feeling at all times!


With increasing numbers of children attending preschool, it is vitally important that the latest research be made available to guide the development of practice which can shape these young minds. Being one of the first preschools in India with a Research and Development department, we ensure to be updated with new revelations in the child psychology.

In an endeavour to blossom the personalities of the little ones and to give them an opportunity to develop at their own pace & comfort zone, we provide an ideal stimulating environment for the children. The basic ingredients of this Stimulating Environment include:
1. Opportunities for Stable relationships and interactions with sensitive and responsive adults.
2. A focus on play-based activities and routines which allow children to take the lead in their own learning.
3. Support for communication and language development.
4. Opportunities to be physically active and creative.