Admission FAQ

Why Choose SKA College?

At Creative, love is the basis of our philosophy and here a child learns to start and enjoy learning with tender, loving care. We aim to blossom a child’s personality by making the most of the formative years in an ideal learning environment. Education at Creative means ‘Sound Foundation for life’. We prepare our children for life by imparting not only age-appropriate knowledge but also enhancing their talents and empowering them with life skills to ensure holistic development of the child that includes:

What is the significance of early childhood education?

Research shows that up to half of a youngster’s capacity to learn creates by the age of 5. Appropriate preschool instructive guarantees a domain for this development to occur. As indicated by the US Department Of Education, preschool assumes an enormous job in later scholarly achievement. Kids in top-notch preschools show better language, subjective, and social aptitudes than youngsters who went to low-quality projects. They have longer capacities to focus, more grounded social capacities, and better language and math aptitudes very much into their grade school vocations, and are better entertainers in school just as life.

How will you assess the development of my child?

We accept recognition is the enchantment wand, which can do miracles to a kid’s character. Every kid at Creative is supported and acclaimed by granting thankfulness authentications consistently for different aptitudes like initiative, certainty, correspondence capacity or abilities like singing, moving, innovativeness and for displaying properties like love, care, submission, etc.

Do you teach swimming to the children here?

Splash pool is just for fun. Children at this age are too young, so we can’t afford to take a chance with them.

What is the curriculum that is followed in playgroup and pre-nursery?

Kids at Creative are prepared under the Cerebus Quality Education System planned by the school’s Research and Development division. This group of in excess of 250 experts designs a logical educational plan, structure inventive, powerful showing techniques, and investigate and make new and better instructing helps. Cerebus advisory group of specialists investigations and screens every youngster’s individual learning and execution design.

What is the quality/background of teachers that we have? Do they speak well in English?

Experienced and cherishing educators are our greatest quality. The deliberately chosen staff is prepared normally about the most recent advancements on early youth instruction, youngster brain science, wellbeing and nourishment by a board of specialists. Other than having great relational abilities, they are additionally exceptionally prepared to prep little youngsters into pioneers of tomorrow.

Should I send him to preschool if he doesn't speak yet?

Our stage exercises from the earliest starting point upgrade the language abilities and certainty levels of every single youngster. Not just this, all kids vanquish stage alarm, and are prepared to make the entire world a phase.